# Definition of iPavlov project
def iPavlov(talent, ideas):
———– research = ideas * talent
———– AI = development(research)
———– return AI


is an open-source conversational AI framework
built on TensorFlow and Keras.


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'Can machines think?'

Turing, Alan M. Computing machinery and intelligence. Mind 59.236 (1950): 433-460.

Image recognition, the game of Go, machine translation and other hard problems of AI have been recently cracked by deep learning. The next grand challenge on the road to AI is a meaningful dialogue between a human and a machine.

The main goal of the iPavlov project is сonversational intelligence. To solve this ambitious task, we will do research to advance existing state of the art in the field. We will also create an open platform that makes it possible to easily test ideas and develop scalable solutions for dialogue systems.

In our project we face a challenge that requires an extremely high concentration of brains and ideas. This is why we solve it inside Phystech (MIPT) a famous school of talent. Only a strong team of devoted researchers and engineers can make substantial achievements in the project like ours.

Join us if you are:
– fascinated by an idea to make machines smarter;
– ready to learn a lot;
– a performer who commits and delivers;
– a team player.

Join Us

Our team combines the best from academia and industry. It consists of future leaders of the field and creates collaborative environment demanding full commitment and encouraging professional growth.

Our Neural Networks and Deep Learning lab at MIPT is a research center honored with Facebook AI Academic Partnership and NVIDIA GPU Research Center status. We fuse science and extreme coding in our week long DeepHack.me hackathons – DeepHack.Game, DeepHack.Q&A and DeepHack.RL.

We serve a global AI comunity by organizing NIPS Conversational Challenge to evaluate state of the art in the field of dialogue systems and collect open source dialogue dataset.

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