Our team was selected for the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 3 !
Dialogs with
conversational AI
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Advancing the current state of the art in conversational intelligence
to improve the way people and machines interact
Released DeepPavlov Agent 1.0 - a platform for creating multi-skill chatbots
iPavlov is the global project for conversational artificial intelligence research and development, performed by the Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and supported by the National Technological Initiative (NTI) and PJSC Sberbank.

We create cutting edge AI tools for developers and researchers in the field of dialog systems together with leading companies and universities. Our products are used in 92 countries globally.

Our goal is to solve conversational AI, provide technologies for meaningful and interactive communication with machines and make them widely accessible in business practice.
We collaborate with companies that complement and apply our technologies
iPavlov is an open source developer, business solutions provider and educational foundation
For integrators and developers
iPavlov provides you with solutions, technologies and knowledge in the field of conversational AI
For institutes of higher education, colleges, startup accelerators, investment funds and communities
We can help you organize courses, hackathons, acceleration tracks based on our dialog system technology
For private organizations, companies
and corporations
Shift your technological borders with our R&D expertise and apply high-end solutions to your communication and text analysis tasks
DeepPavlov is an open source framework for dialog assistants creation and text analysis
DeepPavlov is:

  • a set of pre-trained neural nets models, pre-defined dialogue system components (ML/DL/Rule-based) and pipeline templates;

  • a framework for implementing and testing dialogue models;

  • a bunch of tools for integration of applications with adjacent infrastructure (messengers, helpdesk software etc.)

Try out DeepPavlov at the demo stand
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Try Pre-Trained Models on Your Data in Cloud NLP Platform
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What to start with
Business tasks that can be solved using the NLP components of DeepPavlov
Use the DeepPavlov components to build dialog assistants and solutions
for text analysis.

We can solve your tasks for you! Contact us if you communicate actively with your clients, have a sufficient amount of gathered data and are interested in external requests processing automation.
E-Commerce Chatbots
Product offering based on the customers' description

Customer consulting in the dialog interface

Smart recommender system and cross-sales

Personal assistance in the chatbot format
Booking And Ordering Chatbots
Automation of customer services (ordering, delivery, loan processing etc.)

Chatbot assistant for filling out forms and questionnaires
Task Tracking And Docs Search
Task and queries routing and escalation based on their text descriptions

Internal documents structuring and search

Automatic detection and correction of mistakes and typos in the docs
Customer Support Chatbots
Intellectual customer queries routing (Smart IVR)

FAQ automation

Automation of routine operations

Internal knowledge base search
Recruiting Chatbots
Automated CV screening and textual analysis

Smart comparison and ranking of candidates

Voice interviews robotization
Client Feedback Analysis
Customer reviews moderation and classification based on your criteria

Automated reporting
Our expertise
MIPT is the N1 Russian university according to the world university rankings in the field of physics and computer science.

The Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab is a Facebook AI Academic Partner and a part of NVIDIA GPU Research Center.

In June 2019, the iPavlov team became one of the 10 teams selected for the Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge 3!
Our team
Together we develop technologies that make human-machine interaction easier
Mikhail Burtsev
Founder, Head of iPavlov project & the Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab of MIPT
Loran V. Akopyan
CEO iPavlov LLC
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